There But Not There – Slideshow

The silhouettes shown in this slideshow, produced by Queensferry History Group, were awarded to Queensferry History Group through the Armistice and Armed Forces Communities Programme, funded by the Armed Forces Covenant Trust. Partners in this programme, the charity “Remembered” are responsible for running this project, “There but not there”.

These silhouettes are displayed, especially over the Armistice period to give focus to remember and reflect on the Armed forces of today and the past.

It is fitting that they formed part of our last exhibition in 1918 which informed the community of the events at the end of World War I, in particular the surrender of the German High Seas Fleet and the effect of the war and it’s aftermath on those serving in the armed forces as well as those in the community at that time – 100 years ago.

The key aim of the Armistice and Armed Forces Communities Programme is to improve and increase understanding between civilian and military communities.

To add to and help illustrate our previous research into those men listed on both Queensferry and Dalmeny war memorials, this slideshow displays photographs taken of the silhouettes in specific places around Queensferry, perhaps where a serviceman is known to have lived, or just places which have changed little in 100 years, in the hope of engaging the imagination, bringing together communities in remembrance of the armed forces of 100 years ago and of today.

Music sourced by Alastair Wood with permission – Flowers of the Forest sung by Isla St Clair available on

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