The History of Schools in Queensferry

In South Queensferry, in 1635, James Livingston was appointed ‘Parish Dominie’ – the term for a Scottish schoolmaster, usually of the Church of Scotland, beginning a long association between church and school.  Lessons were often held in Church towers or the schoolmasters house. There are Schoolmasters and Mistresses recorded in Queensferry since 1635, up to and beyond, theContinue reading “The History of Schools in Queensferry”

Vat 69 in Queensferry

King George IV was the monarch to formally pass the Excise Act 1823, which introduced the first licences to legally distill whisky in Scotland. Vat 69 bottling plant came to Queensferry in 1969 by Sandersons via the Distillers Agency Limited (DAL) and brought employment to many local residents and their families.The plant was not alwaysContinue reading “Vat 69 in Queensferry”

Some of the Local Shops and Hotels

J McFarlane’s Inn 1900-1905, what is now the Anchor bar. The Colosseum, c.1914, a ship’s chandlers, naval and sports outfitters, during the 1914-18 War. This was situated where Allium is now on Hopetoun Road. Sandercombe’s Grocer Shop, c.1920’s, where Queens Spice Indian Restaurant and Take Away is now situated, on the High Street. The CornerContinue reading “Some of the Local Shops and Hotels”

History of the Hawes Garage and the Ferry Fair Cars up to 1977.

 BackgroundIt is believed by some that the weekly Fair started around 1068, in the time of King Malcolm III and his Queen, Margaret (whose visits to Dunfermline Abbey via ferry boat, gave ‘Queensferry’ its name).  It was a civic duty to walk the boundaries of Queensferry, which were fiercely guarded. Through the course of time,Continue reading “History of the Hawes Garage and the Ferry Fair Cars up to 1977.”

A Brief History of South Queensferry

The small town of Queensferry lies on the south shore of the Firth of Forth just eight miles west of Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital city. As a convenient crossing place, the area may have been known before the Romans arrived, but the town is traditionally associated with Saint Margaret, the Anglo-Saxon princess who married King MalcolmContinue reading “A Brief History of South Queensferry”

The Covenanters and Queensferry

Queensferry has an interesting Historical connection to the Covenanters – 1638 – 1680. King Charles I attempted to overthrow the Presbyterian form of religion, which had been established in Scotland in 1560 during the reign of Mary Queen of Scots. “Covenanters” was the name given to Presbyterians in Scotland, of all ranks, who signed theContinue reading “The Covenanters and Queensferry”

The Heraldry of Queensferry

Heraldry in Scotland The development of armour in the 11th century created a need for identification to distinguish knights in battle. However, the resulting coats of arms, or “armorial bearings”, rapidly came to symbolise nobility, rank, authority and ownership. In a society where most people could not read or write, armorial bearings provided a usefulContinue reading “The Heraldry of Queensferry”