The Camera Does Not Lie.

Everyone has heard this expression but is it really true? A look at some postcards may help to make up our minds. All of these postcards are owned by a member of the Queensferry History Group.

This post card is postmarked 1956 and the ferryboat and the train look right for that date.

This version of the same image was issued in the early years of the 20th century. The train is clearly different, although it is in exactly the same place on the bridge, and the ferryboat is of an older type, but look at the two boats behind the ferry. They are the same in both pictures, even down to the wakes! Look at the two people to the right of the lighthouse and the group waiting beside the ferry. They must have been standing there for more than fifty years!

Finally, look at the same view as seen in winter. This card is dated 1904 and everything is covered with a layer of snow. Notice the train and the ferryboat are the same as in the second postcard, and the two people by the lighthouse are gone, but the boats centre left and the group beside the ferry are still there.

Here is an entirely different scene.

An interesting scene. Unfortunately the card was not posted and so there is no date to help us. There seems to be a woman pushing a pram and a man behind her and to her right who appears to be bending by the side of the path.

This card shows the same scene at night. Every window is showing light and the sky does seem to be a peculiar colour. However, the woman is still pushing her pram and is not a foot nearer home and the man is still bending beside the edge of the path!

This sort of skullduggery on the part of photographers is quite common and is always worth looking out for.

Richard Squires 2022

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